Social Media for Nonprofits Made Easy

August 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

The task of keeping up with social media may seem overwhelming even to relatively large nonprofits. As an individual, you can always choose to end the constant ping of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. by opting out of the “always on” digital existence altogether. In fact, Douglas Rushkoff (not a luddite by any measure) makes a persuasive argument for doing just that in his recent book, Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, and so does the essayist and novelist Pico Iyer. But if you feel that your organization, no matter how small it may be, simply cannot afford not to use social media, Guy Kawasaki shows you how to make establishing a presence on leading platforms  not just painless, but dare I say, fun.  social media bandwagon

You may need to download a free Cisco WebEx Add-on program to watch this hour-long Network for Good webinar, but it’s well worth the small effort. A former Chief Evangelist at Apple, Guy Kawasaki currently works for Motorola, which may have something to do with his preference for Google+ over, say, Facebook. (Motorola is owned by Google.) Still, social media novices and pros alike will benefit greatly from his insights. Topics covered in the presentation range from the basics (how to build an effective profile) and social media strategy (focus on curating interesting and relevant stories rather than trying to create original content every day, and remember that your social media posts should not be about naked self-promotion, even if your organization really does great work) to potential challenges and pitfalls (should you ever repost your own content? how should you handle trolls?).

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